Three Things to Know about When Moving to Orlando

Three Things to Know about When Moving to Orlando | moving-ornaldo
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Added on February 2, 2018

Orlando is the most popular vacation spot in all of America, but there are many good reasons to live around the area, too. Orlando is commonly overshadowed by its theme parks that are open all year round, but there are many other things you will like about living in the area.

Here are three things to know about living in the Orlando area:

There are many different neighborhoods to live in.

Contrary to popular belief, there are many different places in Orlando that are secluded from tourist activities. There are many different towns and suburbs neighboring Orlando that are appealing and unique in their own ways.

College Park, for instance is actually a neighborhood that is ideal for families, and gets its name for having streets named after famous universities.

Winter Park is a town full of character and history. There are many attractions you can visit several times a year, such as many different museums and botanical gardens for folk that love history and nature, respectively.

Thornton Park is a neighborhood frozen in time, with perfectly preserved bungalows from the 1920s, lined with beautiful brick roads and strong oak trees.

These are just a few suburbs to consider, so browse the Winter Park listings for new houses for sale.

There are many alternatives for eating out.

If you are tired of fast food chain restaurants, you are in for a pleasant surprise when you move to Orlando. Orlando's local restaurant and dining scene is bustling. Regardless of which neighborhood you move to, you will have many great options to eat at. No matter if you like seafood, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, or any other kind of food that comes to mind, there is one of hundreds of establishments to try throughout the Orlando area.

Theme parks are not the only fun thing to do.

Whether you are with your family or on your own, there are many events and activities throughout the Orlando area that you'll enjoy being right by. Here are just a few notable points of interest that you should consider:

Jungle Adventures, located in Christmas, is an exotic zoo full of adventurous wildlife you likely will not come across anywhere else. Take a swamp cruise, watch for tropical birds, feed gators, and pet tarantulas in one of the top attractions in central Florida.

Carmine Oddities Boutique is a one of a kind store for anything that is odd, creepy, or just out of the ordinary. Books, odd antiques, and your typical snake in a jar are many different intriguing things for sale at this infamous store in Orlando.

If you enjoy winter activities, do not assume that ice-skating is out of the question in Florida. Winter in The Park, at Winter Park, is a seasonal skating rink that is great for the whole family, no coats or winter gear necessary! Check Winter Park listings so you can enjoy ice-skating during the holidays.

Florida is the state with the most golf courses. You can find a number of scenic, challenging, or miniature golf courses around Orlando, for getting a different experience each time.

Moving to Orlando, or any area for that matter, requires a lot of preparation outside of choosing where you want to live and going there. As you are moving, hire professional movers and set a moving budget to help you move safely, quickly, and with the fewest expenses possible. If you are from out of state, you will need to register your vehicles in addition to applying for a Florida driver's license. Don't forget to update your insurance policy too and look for opportunities to get the same policy for less.