Four Misconceptions About the Realtors You Should Know

Four Misconceptions About the Realtors You Should Know | relators-home
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Added on February 8, 2018

The real estate industry seems to be attracting more investors than ever before. With the global population increase, the need for real estate for housing and or doing business is also bound to increase. The benefits of investing in real estate are undeniable. However, just like any other industry, several misconceptions surround this otherwise lucrative industry. In this article, we take a look at some of the myths associated with realtor in Winter Park and attempt to demystify them.

Broker Equals Middleman

The role played by a real estate broker in any transaction is often undermined, and brokers are reduced to being mere commissioners. Granted, some brokers have created a bad reputation for the others as being unprofessional. To be a real estate broker, however, requires one to not only learn about the roles, but they need to be certified as well.

Brokers are often required to take part in events and tests that ensure that they fully understand the market and that their knowledge of everything real estate is up to par. They play an important role in vetting property before listing it, prequalifying both buyers and sellers. In addition, they guide all parties involved through the buying and selling process of any piece of real estate.

It's Fine Not to Be Tech Reliant

Technology is playing a key role in shaping the way we interact and do business in today's world. Its influence on the real estate scene is undeniable. Anyone with a smartphone or any other internet-enabled mobile device with a working knowledge of real estate matters can easily use a wide variety of real estate software applications. These apps have been designed in such a way that they are non-technical and ease the tasks of lead generation, tracking revenue as well as developing sales strategies. The cyber-space has also provided all businesses with an avenue to market their services to a wide array of clients. There is, therefore, no excuse for property sellers and brokers alike not to embrace technology in their real estate ventures and take advantage of all it has to offer.

It Only Takes One Sale

People venture into the real estate industry expecting to be rich just after one sale. While some might catch a break with their first sale, it is not enough to send them happily into retirement. For a real estate broker, a single commission will not launch them into a life of luxury. There are considerations such as the payment of commissions, reduction of the take-home commission as a result of agent fees, and the tax payable from the commission. With all these factors reducing the actual take-home commission, they have no option than to focus their time and energy on getting as many sales as possible.

More Listings More Money

The number of listings a realtor in Winter Park has does not matter if the properties are not of value. They also need to concentrate their efforts on one region to avoid being too stretched out to meet their potential client's needs.

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